Innovate. Improve. Execute.

We believe innovation can unleash infinite possibilities that move the world forward and advance human progress. We don’t simply invent. We solve some of the world’s biggest challenges and transform the industries in which we operate. We develop solutions that enable sustainable urbanization, that help feed a growing population, and that allow people to travel in aircraft that are greener and more connected than ever before. We innovate, improve and execute. That is how we do the big things the right way.

Accelerating our digital capabilities

During the year we formed UT Digital, a global hyper-connected community of experts across United Technologies working to shape the future of our industries and deliver outcomes that matter to people and the world. Together, using our domain expertise, data and digital capabilities, we are working to develop next-generation digital solutions and accelerate what is possible for our customers, employees and businesses. With the opening of the Digital Accelerator in Brooklyn, New York, last year, we are expanding our digital capabilities across the enterprise and rapidly driving new forms of value for customers with greater agility and speed. Initial digital opportunities are aligned in areas critical to our business success: Smart Factory, Service Transformation, Connected Products and Customer Experience.

Connecting through advanced digital technologies

The company that invented the modern elevator continues to shape how people move through the world. Otis is investing in digital technologies that will enable better, faster and more personalized service. The company is connecting its network of 2 million elevators and escalators and collecting real-time data on the equipment that will help its global service team predict and prevent shutdowns. Otis moves an estimated 2 billion people each day.

Modeling next-generation products

United Technologies makes large investments to develop next-generation products that are safe and efficient, and meet customer needs and expectations. Before anything is built, researchers and scientists use state-of-the art modeling technologies to design, analyze and verify that a product will perform with excellence from the outset.

Setting the stage for tomorrow’s technologies

United Technologies continues its rapid development of capabilities at the frontier of technology—machine learning. This is essentially the ability of machine intelligence algorithms to learn from, draw conclusions about and make predictions on data without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning has enormous applications as demand grows for civilian and military systems that can exhibit complex and intelligent behavior in response to external stimuli and do so quickly and accurately. United Technologies is exploring ways human teams can be coupled with robotic intelligence to accomplish more than an individual could alone. As robots continue to move from the laboratory to the real world, machine learning will grow in importance and shape the way people work and the products and services they provide.